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What’s your pleasure, free fireworks after the game, watching the kids run the bases, or discount codes for tickets?

Whichever you are looking for, here it is in an easy to follow calendar.

Pre-Game Clinics

Bring your kids to the game early to participate in drills on the same field the Giants play led by coaches from Sirious Baseball. Check-in and registration for the clinics start 2 and 1/2 hours before the first pitch, with the clinics starting 2 hours before. More info Link

Pre-Game Clinic Dates
7 Apr at 1 PM
5 May at 1 PM
15 Jun at 5 PM

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Camp Out at the Park

Campout Night is June 29, 2024. Use code: CAMP

Gear up for an unforgettable night under the stars at Excite Ballpark. The night will include a movie on the 36′ HD video board and a light breakfast in the morning to start the day. More info Link

Fireworks Games

If you love the fireworks games, then your dates are:

All the games start at 7 pm, except July 27 and Aug 17, special Saturday Night Fireworks. First pitch for Saturday games is 6 pm.

San Jose Giants Ticket Deals

4/5 F FW
4/6 S BY
4/7 SN BY KB
4/16 T BG
4/17 W BG
4/18 TH MX RR
4/19 F FW
4/20 S BY KB
4/21 SN BY KB
4/30 T BG
5/1 W BG
5/2 TH MX RR
5/3 F FW
5/4 S BY KB
5/5 SN KB
5/7 T BG
5/8 W BG
5/9 TH MX RR
5/10 F FW
5/11 S BY KB
5/12 SN BY KB
5/27 M BG
5/29 W BG
5/30 TH MX RR
5/31 F FW
6/1 S BY
6/2 SN BY KB
6/11 T BG
6/12 W BG
6/13 TH MX RR
6/14 F FW
6/15 S BY KB
6/16 SN BY
6/25 T BG
6/26 W BG
6/27 TH MX RR
6/28 F FW
6/29 S BY KB
6/30 SN BY KB
7/1 M BG
7/2 T BG
7/3 W FW
7/9 T BG
7/10 W BG
7/11 TH MX KB
7/12 F FW
7/13 S BY KB
7/14 SN BY KB
7/23 T BG
7/24 W BG
7/25 TH MX RR
7/26 F FW
7/27 S FW BY
7/28 SN BY KB
8/13 T BG
8/14 W BG
8/15 TH MX RR
8/16 F FW
8/17 S FW BY
8/18 SN BY KB
8/27 T BG
8/28 W BG
8/29 TH MX RR
8/30 F FW
8/31 S BY KB
9/1 SN BY KB

Ticket Deals Key & Codes

  • FW = Fireworks Nights, free fireworks after the game.
  • MX: MIX 106 Family 4-Pack (Buy-2-Get-2-Free)
    Use code: MIX at checkout to redeem the offer.
  • BY: BAY FM Family 4-Pack (Buy-2-Get-2-Free)
    Use code: BAY at checkout to redeem the offer.
  • BG: Fan Appreciation Offer
    Buy-One-Get-One Free Bowl Reserved Ticket!
    Use code: SJBOGO at checkout to redeem the offer.
  • RR = Rotten Robbie Thursdays
    Visit select Rotten Robbie locations near the ballpark for complimentary bowl reserved tickets to every Thursday Home Game | Presented By Rotten Robbie
  • KB = Kids Run the Bases after the game.

Things to Know Before You Go to San Jose Giants Games

  • Tickets can be purchased at the ballpark.
  • Bags: Clear, 4.5″ x 6.5″ with a single zipper closure/flap (approximately the size of an adult hand) will be allowed in. If you have a blanket or jacket, you have to “wear” it, you cannot bring it into the ballpark in a bag.
  • Autographs and player interactions will continue to be prohibited due to MILB health protocols.
    Source: San Jose Giants #PlayItSafe