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14 Unique Ugly Sweater Gifts for Sports Fans

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In honor of Ugly Sweater Day, 14+ gifts for sports fans. From light up sweaters to sweater mugs, here are gifts to make the sports fan smile with glee or revenge!  If you want to find Ugly Sweater Gifts for your (or your “favorite” friend’s) team, just click here and type in Ugly Sweater + the name of your team.  For example Ugly Sweaters Golden State Warriors.

And now…because, we can’t make this stuff up or unsee it…..


Light Up Ugly Sweater

Get a look that will make you the life of the holiday party with this Dallas Cowboys Light Up ugly sweater. This pullover features bold graphics that are already impossible to deny, but the LED lights really take it over the top in the most glorious way.


Snowflake Ugly V-Neck Sweater

Keep cheering throughout the holidays! This Snowflake Ugly V-neck sweater is perfect for rallying up fellow fans during gatherings. You’ll be enjoying the festivities even more with this warm and cozy top.


Bluetooth Light Up Ugly Sweater

It’s that time of year once again where you get to bust out the ugly sweaters! However, you want one that also shows off your die-hard fandom.That won’t be a problem in the least when you get this Bluetooth Light Up Ugly Sweater. This amazing sweater features graphics all over and an awesome light up design, which is perfect to show your hardcore fandom.


Women’s Light-Up V-Neck Ugly Sweater

Celebrate your team’s next win under the mistletoe while in this Light-Up V-neck ugly sweater. This features LED lights that really highlight your fandom in a cool way.


Hello Kitty with Plush Ugly Sweater


Ugly Sweater Pants

Boast your holiday spirit with these Retro Holiday Ugly Sweater pants!


Ugly Sweater Dress

Why not indulge yourself? This fitted ugly sweater dress is downright adorable.You’ll love the vibrant tongue-in-cheek team graphics. There’s no such thing as over the top for a true fan!


Patches Ugly Pullover Sweater

You love this time of year because not only is it getting cooler outside, it’s time for the annual ugly sweater parties! However, you want one that shows off your die-hard fandom.That won’t be a problem in the least when you get this Patches Ugly pullover sweater. It features graphics all over, which is perfect to show your hardcore fandom.


Ugly Sweater Knit Polo

You’re just about ready to pour yourself some egg nog, but you’re missing something that blends your holiday and team spirit. Get the perfect thing with an ugly sweater knit polo shirt. This allows you to enjoy the ugly sweater look without the bulk and discomfort and features stunning graphics that a dedicated fan like you will be thrilled to show off.


Ugly Sweater Cuffed Knit Hat

You love a good ugly sweater party, and while you have the perfect sweater for the occasion, you want to go really over the top. Now you can do that by putting on an ugly sweater cuffed knit hat with pom from New Era!


Ugly Sweater Mug

There will always be a million ways to represent your dedication, so why not start first thing each morning? Showcase your team spirit in a festive way when you sip your tea or coffee from this Ugly Sweater mug.


Ugly Sweater Slide Sandals

Bring the holiday spirit to your feet. These Ugly Sweater Slide Sandals are perfect for your next warm weather holiday party. Everyone loves a good sweater party, but if it’s not quite cold enough for a sweater, these sandals are the next best thing. Add this sweet footwear from ISlide to your holiday collection today.


Ugly Sweater Vest

It’s that time of year again and that means only one thing: it’s ugly sweater season! Add an ugly sweater vest to your collection and you’re sure to be the star of your next holiday party.You won’t be standing alone for long once someone spots your ferocious pride shining brightly.


Fleece Hoodie Union Suit

Celebrate your team with a little holiday zest this year? This Ugly Sweater fleece hoodie union suit is just what you need to cozy up in the evening and show off your team loyalty. It boasts a comfy design so you can snuggle up for a good night’s sleep this season and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day!